Franklin d. Roosevelt and Battle Superbugs Melbourne Essay

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Bieber bans Selena songs during shoots London: Justin Bieber has requested that no tunes of his former girlfriend Selena Gomez, will be played while he is doing photoshoots. According to a rider obtained by, from a photo shoot earlier in June, the “notes” section of the document clearly reads, “Security passes, laminates and wristbands ordered, no cell phones on set, no autographs, do not speak to talent and no Selena music on set”.
The rider also includes the troubled teen’s food demands, which are herbal teas, a deli platter, a veggie platter, a large pack of Swedish Fish, Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Ritz Bitz Cheese Sandwiches, and two large packs of Haribo cola gummies.

Are you Hitler’s doppleganger? Then you have a job

New York: The History Channel is on the hunt for Hitler lookalikes to star in a new documentary-drama series about WWI and WWII, it has been revealed.

Bosses are willing to fly the best doppelganger out to Germany and the East Coast for filming, the New York Daily News reported. The channel is also looking for actors to play a number of other people including Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt.

Acting experience isn’t required, according to the Craigslist job advertisement.


Mobiles being used to end marriages on the rise

London: Twenty-five thousand people from the UK will be using mobiles, PCs and tablets to get divorced from their spouse in 2013, a survey has suggested.

Number of people who are taking the help of online services for separation