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Sincerely,How To Write A Response To A Work Of Art

Response papers are particularly difficult to write because students are unsure about the exact proportion between ‘personal’ and ‘critical’ inputs. The basic rule about writing response essays is to balance these approaches according to their relevance. Response to an article, focusing on source facts and conclusions, is far more critical than responses to movies and books which are more subjective and personal.
Response Essay on Art – Introduction
In the introduction, you should name the artist as well as the title of specific work that will be discussed subsequently. Don’t write the biography of the artist but do mention the artistic movement to which he or she belonged and situate the particular work of art in the artistic biography of the artist. If possible, account for the current place of exposition (name and location of the museum). Lastly, enumerate several aspects of the painting or sculpture which will constitute the subject of your analysis.
Art Response Essay Paragraphs
It should be composed of, preferably, three distinct paragraphs – each of them discussing your impressions and thoughts relating to the work of art in question. Learn How to Write Paragraphs, to see how to properly organize argumentation within the body essay.
In order to account for the distinct aspects of all discussed problems, paragraphs can be written in different styles which will enrich all statements and make the essay a genuinely reflective piece of writing. Read about Seven Types of Paragraphs, to see which might work best for your…