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The Physical and Person Metamorphosis of the Samsa Family

Franz Kafka’s novella “metamorphosis” tells a tale of an unrealistic event, those results in an unraveling of a family and transformation in each member of the Samsa Family. When the protagonist, Gregor wakes up in a horror he find himself physically morphed into an insect, a cockroach. Throughout the story we see how his personal identity handicaps his family financially and how it changes the dynamic of the Samsa house-hold. Gregor is expected to provide for the family financially, now that he is an insect his family worries how they are going to survive without him. Gregor worries about the family as well even though he is incapable of helping. The roles in the house are flipped, Mr. and Mrs. Samsa and Grete realize that they now have to provide for themselves financially as well as take care of Gregor; through this they undergo a transformation within their selves.

Gregor is the provider for the Samsa family. Working as a salesman, day to day in an unpleasant environment to pay off his father’s debt, Gregor never complains about working to help his family. He is taken for granted by each member of the family. When Gregor turns into the “vermin” he doesn’t try to find a solution to his problem, although he still wants to be able to help his father repay the debt he has. Gregor begins to enjoy his new identity, he starts to creep around and hide in the furniture. He gets anxious when his mother and sister try to adjust his room and make it suitable for Gregor to live in by removing the furniture, "He sallied out, changed direction four times not knowing what he should save first before his attention was suddenly caught by the picture on the wall” (336). Even though Gregor has adapted to his new life he cannot deny that he still has human emotions and fond memories. He is reminded why he worked so hard for the family when he hears Grete play the violin and feel ashamed that he can no longer help. He was working to get Grete into the prestigious school. So that Grete could follow her dream of playing violin. Unable to help his younger sister now Gregor worried about how she would fulfill her dream.
Grete, Gregors sister undergoes a metamorphosis as well. Her transformation isn’t physical like Gregors. In the beginning of the story we see that Grete is a childish, immature and completely dependent on Gregor. When Gregor changes into an insect she worries about how Gregor could possibly help her get into the Conservatory if he cannot work, Grete’s thoughts are selfish. Grete adjust to Gregors life and pities him, she ironically becomes the person Gregor is most dependant on. Grete brings his food, and looks after his overall well being. Grete’s pity turns into to resentment and now she just views helping Gregor as a duty she has each day only doing the bare minimum for Gregor to survive. Grete has transformed from a child into a Women. At the end, she no longer sees Gregor as her brother she only views him as the insect that he has became, “this animal persecutes us, drives away our boarders…”(345). Grete understands now that she has to get a real job to provide for the family, she works as a saleswoman to provide for her family. Grete has morphed into responsible, stern young women. It was evident to Mr. and Mrs. Samsa that Grete had become her own women through the responsibility she took on with Gregor.

Mr. and Mrs. Samsa have failed Gregor as parents. Mrs. Samsa, loved her son very much and tries to help Grete with taking care of Gregors well being. Mr. Samsa – Gregors father, is an unsympathetic, unkind man who gave nothing to the family other than a debt that’s a result of a failed company. He sees Gregor as useless and burden to the family not being able to work. Gregors father is the real burden to the family, “The washing up from breakfast lay on the table; there was so much of it because, for Gregor's father, breakfast was the