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FRANZ SCHUBERTMusic Appreciation Section 02


It was Franz Peter Schubert, who said to a friend “I have come into the world for no other purpose but to compose”. For someone to be so certain, focused and dedicated at such a young age with extraordinary talent and promise, finding out more about Schubert’s life and astonishing music was a must for me. Franz Peter Schubert was bone in Vienna, on January 31, 1797 to his father, Franz Theodor Schubert and his mother, Elisabeth Vietz. Because Schubert father was a schoolmaster, he began receiving lessons from his father at an early age, as early as age five. A year later Schubert was enrolled in his
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Jessye Mae Norman the soprano Opera singer performed The Erlking. Jessye Norman was born in Augusta, Georgia on September 15, 1945 to Silas Norman an insurance salesman, and Janie King Norman. Norman is one of the most admired contemporary opera singers and recitalists, and is one of the highest paid performers in classical music. Jessye Norman is also known for the direct and emotionally expressive qualities of her singing and for her formidable intellectual understanding of the music and its style.
During the performance of The Erlking, Jessye Norman gave great passion thought the recital with her body movement and facial expressions. The distinctions between the narrator, son and father were very obvious and the tones were delivered well. In a New York Times article, Norman explained to John Gruen, “As for my voice, it cannot be categorized and I like it that way, because I sing things that would be considered in the dramatic, mezzo or spinto range. I like so many different kinds of music that I’ve never allowed myself the limitations of one particular range.”
Although Norman decides not to label her voice, there are some vocal critics that feel that she is not a dramatic soprano, but deem her to be more of a rare soprano voice type known as a Falcon. The Falcon voice is an intermediate voice types between the soprano and the mezzo soprano that is