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“Fräulein Else” & Austrian/Viennese Culture
Find as much information as possible about the passages assigned to your group; consult any and all reputable sources for information, images, videos, comments, etc. Save your findings in this document beneath the passage and post the file as an attachment in the “Fräulein Else”—Vienna and Austria Forum. Your research should include the “Cultural and Historical Notes” (Sakai Resources), the maps of Austria and of Vienna (Sakai Resources), Google searches, Youtube searches, and any other sites that could provide verbal and visual context for the references in Schnitzler’s story. For all general references to “Vienna,” you should find information or visuals of the city c. 1900.

Group A
193 [Monte] Cimone & “Alpine glow” --mountain in northern Italy, formerly part of Habsburg Empire
194 Marie Renard—Vienna Staatsoper soprano
197 “If only I could carry it back to Vienna with me.”
199 Residenz Club—likely reference to Café Residenz, near Schönbrunn
202 Figaro at the opera—likely the Stattsoper

Group B
202 Grand Hotel—5-Star luxury hotel on the Ringstrasse
205 “Ghosts are rising from my meadow. How far is Vienna?”
205 “Tomorrow morning I’ll go to Vienna with it [Dorsday’s check]”
208 “I left Gmunden on the twelfth of August. Gmunden was boring”—summer resort on lake Taunsee in Upper Austria (see also 223)
208 “When I get back to Vienna I’ll practice regularly.”

Group C
209 “It would be fun to write an anonymous letter to her [Cissi’s] husband in Vienna.”
211 “Or I’ll go back to Vienna tomorrow.”
212 “Your mother is still in Gmunden? N o . . . she’s back in Vienna already. . . Papa’s back in Vienna too.”
214 “ . . . all of our relatives and friends—most of them aren’t in Vienna right now”
215 “the relatives we might have turned to are not in Vienna right now”

Group D
217 “Why does he say ‘upon my word’? That’s fatuous. They only say that at the Burgtheater”
225 Stein Prison—Austrian prison near Krems, northwest of Vienna
225 Lerchenfelderstrasse—street in Vienna’s 7th & 8th districts, running between the Ring and the Gürtel
225 Wertheimstein—park in Vienna?

Group E
226 the Kursalon in the Stadtpark—café/musical salon in Vienna city park; Strauss concerts: The Viennese café was a key site of urban modernity around 1900. In the rapidly growing city it functioned simultaneously as home and workplace, affording opportunities for both leisure and intellectual exchange. Social hour was around 4:00 every day. 226 “When I get back to Vienna, I’m going to ask Fred if he was with his mistress on the third of September between 7:30 and 8:00 o’clock.” She is being paranoid which is very