Freak Is To Blame: A Short Story

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I'm so sorry you're hier passed away. It's not anyone's fault so don't make yourself or anyone else feel bad about it. I first met Freak in daycare, where he always wore leg braces and crutches. They were so cool, I wanted a pair for myself. Then, he just disappeared. Never came back. After a few years, I saw Freak and you move in on our street. It was summer then, all before we began our saga. He taught me that everything in the world mean something.

The first time he was on my shoulders, he taught me that don't think another time. Trust your instincts and do whatever they tell you to do. After a few times when he was on my back, it suddenly became a habit of ours and it helped him to not use his braces or crutches. When we ran from Blade's gang on that Fourth of July, when he showed me the way, he taught me to trust your friends if you don't have a way to get out of the problem.
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We have everything we need: brain, muscle, hope, and a strong friendship. Together, we are Freak the Mighty! It's not your fault Kevin's insides are growing but his outsides are not. It's not your fault that Kevin risked his life for me. It's our fault. Freak the Mighty's fault. If we hadn't met and wandered off, none of this could've happened. I know it's his insides that hurt him, but I think he was traumatized and overwhelmed.

He knew I could do what I worked for. Freak told me, "Fill it with all our journeys." I haven't written in it yet, but maybe I will make it a book called 'Freak the Mighty'. It'll be filled with our adventures and journeys. Maybe I might even include Freak's dictionary in the end. Freak changed my life. Even through hard downfalls of Freak the Mighty, we got back up and kept beating the