Freak The Mighty Is Better Than The Mighty Essay

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Freak the Mighty™ is better than The Mighty™

Recently there have been many discussions on what is better, Freak the Mighty (the original book) or The Mighty (the movie). I know that there are arguments on both sides but I think that the truth is; Freak the Mighty is much better than The Mighty.
The book is better than the movie in many ways such as that there are much more parts to enjoy in the book. This is because the movie left out many things that even tough is minor it is quite enjoyable. Things like Freak’s birthday are favorites among many readers. They also make sad copies of what is very important like when Freak and Max made it known about Freak the Mighty in school. We all love things like this; it symbolizes friendship and many other things.
The book cost less than the movie so people will be more willing to buy the book than the movie and be able to save money. Doesn’t everyone want to have some extra change to buy things like candy? The book cost about 7 dollars and the movie cost 12.95. If you add tax then you would save at least 5 dollars. Money like this can buy a lot of things. Not a ton but still a great variety.
The only bad thing about the book is that it is a solitary activity while movies can be watched with the family. Movies can strengthen family bonds but books can break them.
Even though reading a book is solitary, the evidence of that books have more parts that reader enjoy and that it cost less outweighs the small reason that movies