Freak The Mighty Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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In Rodman Philbrick’s 1993 novel Freak The Mighty and Peter Chelsom’s 1998 film The Mighty, there are many similarities and differences, multiple things to compare and contrast. It often has been said that “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” and that “Similarities create friendships” while “Differences hold them together.” However, the novel is different from the movie in ways that Kevin is described, The Fair Gwen is portrayed, and Loretta is characterized.
First, the novel Freak The Mighty has many things that are different than the movie The Mighty such as characters. For example, Kevin is different in the novel than the movie for a number of reasons. Such as, in the novel Kevin does not pay Max five dollars to go to
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Loretta is different in the novel than the movie because in the novel when Loretta tries to save Max she unties him, where in the movie she gives him pliers to cut the rope. Another difference is in the novel when Max and Kevin went to return Loretta’s purse there was no money in it, but in the movie, there were four hundred dollars. In addition to the differences, there are also similarities with Loretta. For example, Loretta got choked by Killer Kane and had to wear a neck brace in both the novel and the movie, and at the end of both the novel and the movie Loretta says “Nothing is a drag, kid.” Loretta is brave, she was brave to risk her life to save Max from Killer Kane.
In conclusion, you could say that the book and movie are very different, but they are also very similar. Even though the characters and many other things are different, there are many things that are the same between the novel Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick and the movie The Mighty directed Peter Chelsom. Although the setting and plot are different, the theme remains the same. In the end, the theme of both the novel and the movie is the power of friendship and adversity which creates best