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September 12 2012
Judy Harper
The book of Freakonomic’s has a unifying theme that consists of people who think within the box, and who realize that the world is not as simple as it seems. As a society our view on the world can be false, we never asks enough in depth questions to find out what lies behind the norm. To find out what is occurring beneath modern society, one must strip layers of our present life to do so. This unifying theme teaches us that we as a society take these things (Chris you need to clarify what these things are??? Detail 2 or 3 and you need to address and show support for them in the next paragraph. For example: economics needs incentives. Chris you need to write that here, (replace “these things” then support it in next paragraph as you have done. State clearly that many human actions are ordinary like your example in next paragraph about the day care) as they are presented to us. Therefore, it teaches us to accept our daily lives without asking questions.
The theme in Freakonomic’s proves that many acts that humans often make truly believe are “ordinary”; although when you look deeper into them they often raise questions and surprises. For instance, parents from the Israeli day-care center actions were drastically affected when the day-care decided to integrate a late fee pick up. This action was cause because many parents were picking up there children late multiple times a week. This day-care decided to conduct this study of teen weeks to conclude if parents of these children would decide to pick up their children on time. For the first 4 weeks they simply kept track of which parents were still arriving late to pick up their children.