Essay on Fred in Japan

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1:1. For Jenny: (1) isolation;(2) inflated expectations regarding a company sales job;(3) lack of predeparture training; and (4) Fred’s insensitivity to her problems.
2. For Fred: (1) lack of training; (2) unrealistic expectations;(3) lack of skills in the
Japanese work culture; (4) stress.
2:1. He failed to notice that there was a division between Japanese and foreign workers.
2. He failed to realize that in the first meeting the Japanese felt put on the spot and were not comfortable giving their honest thoughts in that public situation.
3. Fred took the John Wayne approach to trying to win a new contract, an approach that was uncomfortable for the Japanese client.
4. Fred again failed to realize what a young Japanese research associate really was trying to say, and the situation got worse from there.
3: Competency in the employee’s area of expertise.• Ability to communicate verbally and nonverbally in the for-eign country.• Flexibility, tolerance of ambiguity, and sensitivity to culturaldifferences.• Motivation to succeed and enjoyment of challenges.• Willingness to learn about the foreign country’s culture,language, and customs.• Support from family members. Ability to maintain a positive self-image and feeling of well-being.2. Ability to foster relationships with the host-country nationals.3. Ability to perceive and evaluate the host country’s environment accurately.
4: Cross-Cultural Preparation When an organization selects an employee for a position in…