Frederick Douglass Essay

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
AP English Language
January 4, 2014

2. Douglass’ thirst for knowledge came from his drive to make a better life for himself, starting through educating himself. All of his extra time and efforts went towards reading materials that explained that there was life after slavery. Through these literally works and achievements Douglass’ quest for freedom was inspired and driven. He reads about what life could potentially hold for him and this develops his mind to believe he can make this true of himself. He knows that regardless of the white people’s ideas he can overcome their oppression and obtain that glorious dream of freedom.

3. Throughout the novel Douglass’ self respect grows because he realizes he is capable of more than just being a slave. His ability to know he is worthy of good things in life allows him to respect himself. Douglass is aggressive, but it is a controlled aggression. The aggression escalades, as he understands that his family was exposed to harsh and unfair situations and were helpless in these issues. As for courage, Douglass’ grows as he becomes more independent and strong. His knowledge of his capability to make a better life for himself allows him to gain the courage to do so. Douglass’ intelligence also expands on his journey. When it began he was unable to read or write and the odds were against him to ever overcome those struggles. However, he worked hard and learned to read and write and became a rare breed of an educated slave. It is his education that ultimately allowed him to obtain freedom. Douglass had a strong sense of racial pride and felt African Americans should unite to achieve economic development and racial advancement.

4. Persuasive writing is a piece of writing in which the writer uses words to convince the reader that the writer's opinion is correct with regard to an issue. This narrative serves as a persuasive piece for the abolition of slavery because he is using his hardships to prove how wring