Frederick Douglass Essay

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1.) Power, Rich, Deep Voice 2.) He had a powerful voice and a striking appearance of 6’2 3.) His nose stood high and went onward 4.) He was the slave who saw the worst and was the slave who freed himself 5.) Frederick Douglass had nothing. By living in fear and struggling, he was able to understand what America was all about 6.) Could not control who they were or what they were. 7.) They wonder why some people were free and why some aren’t. 8.) The Sorrow of their heart. 9.) The Mistress taught him how to read the bible and salves weren’t allowed to read. 10.) Rented out to someone who paid for his work. 11.) Someone that closes a discussion or settles a question. 12.) Many people would not work with blacks. 13.) These were the first books which he memorized. 14.) The slaves see the North Star as freedom itself because it always points towards the North which is freedom. 15.) He was a runaway slave and he could be returned as a slave 16.) He wants slavery to end quickly 17.) He went to speak with Garrison, Frederick explained about escaping from his owner and people were shocked. 18.) He was an actual survivor who escaped 19.) Fear of being recaptured 20.) Finds a job, saves money and plans his trip north. Does not give details in order to respect those who helped him. 21.) Douglass started learning more about politics. 22.) It was an attempt by an abolitionist John Brown in which he tried to start an armed revolt in 1859. 23.) An abolitionist who said slavery could only be purged by blood 24.) He was hanged for his revolt 25.) The North was deprived of thousands of soldiers 26.) Union lost 12,000 soldiers, opportunity to advance the Emancipation Proclamation 27.) Set salves free in states, African American could be enlisted in the war 28.) Missouri was admitted as a slave state but Maine remained as a free state 29.) It abolished slavery and freed the slaves 30.) The fugitive slave act said that all slaves who had run away to the North and that were captured were