Frederick Douglass Friendship Theme Essay

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The first theme is, Friendship. Both novels express what friendship means but in different ways I feel. Douglass wants to be free so he is considering just to run away but with the heart that he has I feel it was difficult to leave his friends behind. I believe Douglass values friendship and loyalty very much but in this situation, I feel he is expressing that sometimes we have to think about ourselves and make decisions for ourselves, be selfish. Friendship is important but if it is costing you your freedom then let it go and I feel like that is the message he wanted to deliver. Friends can betray just like one of his own betrayed the group, preventing them from escaping. Friends in Jacob's story was that she needed them and also, they became …show more content…
Jacob's expresses how, "Mrs. Bruce, and every member of her family, were exceedingly kind to me."(Jacob 256). She valued and cherished each of her friendships and I could tell, by the way she would talk about them and how much she appreciated them. Linda was someone she could confide in, she explains how she, "longed for someone to confide in. I would have given the world to have laid my head on my grandmother’s faithful bosom, and told her all my troubles. But Dr. Flint swore that he would kill me, if I was not as silent as the grave." (Jacob 232), friendship was difficult during the time of slavery because they were not really allowed to talk but she made it work either way. Douglass valued his friendships but during his time of trying to be free he realized that he had to do what was best for him. Jacob's valued her friendships and she expresses in her novel that it is important to keep people close to you because you never know how they could help you in the long