Frederick Douglass: My Definition Of A Hero

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Douglass’s autobiographical writing gives more detail into showing him as a heroic person, by showing how he became free in his mind and showing his views on freedom. In his writing, he shows how horrible slavery is, and how important freedom was to him. Douglass makes the issue of slavery and freedom by allowing us to be able to relate to it. In addition, he compares slavery to another horrible thing to have a dramatic effect. In this case, “ i felt like one who had escaped a den of hungry lions.” We all hate the idea of slavery, and so does he, but he showed that he feared it. Just caring about freedom and hating slavery did not make this man the hero he was. To illustrate, he had decided to attend an anti slavery convention. He was being a selfless man to try and help others. In addition, in this autobiographical writing, he inspires others by being honest. “ I myself felt a slave, and the idea of talking to white people weighed me down. I spoke …show more content…
It showed me that a hero is more than someone doing something amazing. That person may just be overcoming something for themselves. It showed me that being a hero can start from something little, like Douglass being nervous, but still making a speech. The second way it improved my definition of a hero is they do not have to make sacrifices to be remembered. President lincoln was assassinated on purpose, by someone that didn’t want anyone else dead. Lincoln had done the impossible many times for enslaved people. He didn’t sacrifice anything. He just did more than help many times. THe third thing this did to improve my definition of a hero is that a hero’s opinion can affect how hero-like they are. Douglass had showed that he was nervous, scared, and told the complete truth about what he thought was the truth. He was not saying unrealistic, unrelatable things to his audience. He had made the people in the audience feel like they aren’t alone, and they have someone like