Frederick Douglass Reflection

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The author of the book: Narrative of Frederick Douglas is Frederick Douglas Himself. This is a story written about his personal experience in life as a slave from his childhood until he escaped and also the experiences of other slaves. His purpose for writing this book was to show and help others perceive what life was like as a black slave and to understand everything slaves had to endure before the abolition of slavery. In this book he goes to explain the harsh living conditions in which they had to live in. Families were being torn apart – He had only seen his mother maybe four or five times throughout his entire life, having being separated from his mother when he was just an infant, and that’s only because she would walk long distances …show more content…
This book is like no other slavery book that I’ve read. I’m more of the type of person who believes in people’s freedom and rights and I’m a strong believer in that people should be treated fairly and that you treat others how you would want to be treated. I couldn’t imagine having to live life as my ancestors had to. Early in the book Frederick Douglas explained that for him and many other slaves, they didn’t know their true age because most slave masters wanted to keep their slaves thus “ignorant”. Could you imagine not knowing how old you are and not celebrating your birthday in today’s society? Slaves had to endure so much back then, but yet were still able to go on with their daily lives and still be able to keep their faith with no questions asked. Slavery has been over for many years now, yet some people still have the mindset that slavery still exists which causes so much of slavery to still linger on in so many ways. I feel that even though a person cannot legally own another person, the way the system is set up now days, we are all slaves in some sort of shape or form. I personally feel this autobiography from Frederick Douglas is a book that should be read by every person of good faith that believes in the general worth of every human