Frederick Douglass: The Abolitionist Movement

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Frederick Douglass was born into slavery around 1818 in Talbot County, Maryland . The year and date Douglass was born is unknown , but they celebrated it February the 18th . He is known for being a renowned abolitionist, orator journalist, editor, autobiographer, and even a statesman. Frederick Douglass joined the Abolitionist Movement while he was a part of slavery . The Abolitionist Movement was the effort to end slavery . There was many leaders in the movement , but Douglass was one of the foremost leaders. The life of Douglass was not the best but he help lives in the future . He initially stayed with his maternal grandmother, but was selected to stay in the home of the plantation owners which one was maybe his father . His mother …show more content…
The first time he tried to escape, Douglass drew on his ability to write to forge protection papers for himself and several friends. Until he became old enough to escape again Douglass did his best to tolerate his conditions throughout the plantation. After an unsuccessful escape attempt in 1836, Douglass was jailed before he returned to the Auld residence in Baltimore. He was assisted by Anna Murray who he had soon to fall in love with. He took a train to New York to her as she provided some of her money and a sailor’s uniform for him. They got married September 15, 1838 with the last name Johnson to hide Douglass’s identity. It was not for long since they had moved to a free black community in Massachusetts which he got his name back. He joined a black church and attended abolitionist meetings . Soon they told him to share a story and that is when he became a regular anti-slavery lecturer . After he spoke his first speech”What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” on July 5, 1852 , he was chased and beaten by an angry mob. The Abolitionist Movement started in 1830 and the attempted to achieve immediate emancipation of all slaves and ending of racial segregation and discrimination lasted 40 years . It was the effort to end slavery in a nation that valued personal freedom and truly believed “ all men are equal.” The abolitionist movement president was Abraham Lincoln and was led by social reformers . William Lloyd Garrison -the founder of the American Anti-Slavery Society , Theodore Weld , Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth , Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush were the six leaders of this