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Winter Wonderland
I walk out the front doors of the village day lodge and right before my eyes stands a mountain so big and beautiful that words cannot describe. There are two chairlifts to choose from, I decide to do a few runs on the one to my right. As soon as I hear the “click” from my boots securing themselves into the long sticks below me, I move towards the chairlift in a hurry to get my first run in. I place my skis parallel to each other and gently glide down to the red line that reads “LOAD HERE” I wait impatiently until the chair swoops around the sharp corner and scoops me up into thin air. I notice a slight increase in elevation and all of sudden I’m in this paradise surrounded by thousands of trees covered in gorgeous thick powder and skiers zipping down the hill as fast as possible. A few minutes later I quickly glance over my shoulder and see the three main mountains that are joined together at the bottom with a big beautiful village. Off in the distance I can see more mountains, and the further the chair climbs up the rope, the more faded they appear. We get over the first incline of the mountain and the view is spectacular, there is double the amount of powder coated trees but what makes it perfect is that the sun is beating like a hot summer day. That’s why they call it Sun Peaks I guess. A few more minutes go by, I look really closely and I can see the very tip of a roof at the top where we unload. Out of nowhere the chairlift comes to…