Free Argumentative Essays: Two-Year Technical Colleges

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Two-Year Technical Colleges Two-year technical colleges are the best way to go if someone wants to hurry and get a degree. Many two-year technical colleges offer great programs for students, and they allow students to transfer to four-year university. Two-year technical colleges can be very beneficial and financially stable because parents/students save tons of dollars on tuition and books, students can stay home instead of living on campus or in an apartment, and receive the same education at a four-year university except in a limited amount of time. Attending two-year colleges is the best way to go when trying to receive a degree, but also budget while doing it. Students who attend two-year colleges save tons of dollars on tuition and book expense at a better cost then it would at a four-year university. At technical colleges, students can receive financial aid, such as lottery money, Life Scholarships, Pell Grants, and many more. Students sometime can go to school for free or at half of the price depending on the help they receive. The cost at a four-year university can be very stressful on parents/students because they may tend to worry about how they are going to pay the schooling if they don’t receive any help. It could also make the students do poorly in their classes. Also, attending a four-year college, for example, USC …show more content…
Students who stay at home and attend two-year colleges are less likely to get in trouble and can save money without paying rent. For some students who attend four-year universities that live in apartments are likely to throw parties every night and either drop out or get kicked out because of stupidity. This could also bother a roommate that is trying to study. Room and board at a four-year college could cost students way to much when they can live at home for