Free Argumentative Essays: Why Colorguard Is A Sport

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When you hear the word colorguard, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it is girls that spin flags and looks pretty with the band. After watching the guard perform at halftime, I wanted to join them to see how things would be. Colorguard for me was much more than just spinning a flag and tossing a rifle. It was essentially a place where I could relieve my stress and have fun with my guard sisters . It was not just about looking cute and the visual aspect of the band ,but it teaches responsibility. It also teaches how to use time management. Colorguard is a sport and that is very dangerous as well. Some people say that marching band is not as competitive as football but it is and is very competitive depending on the level of …show more content…
Some say yes and some say no but it just depends on where you stay and the group of people. I learned the hard way that marching band is a sport. The reason being is because we work as hard as any other sport,outside everyday unless its raining, and lastly because it's very competitive. There are different levels to marching bands from competing at other high schools to competing at Drum Corps competitions for high school students. The more competitive bands like my school put in more than fifteen hours a week practicing. It can be tiring practicing that long a week but the end results will play off. For example, my senior year in colorguard we always won second or third place in our class and at the University of Memphis we won first place in our class. It was very exciting to win our class in the last competition of the season and the biggest competition of the season. To make is bad colorguard is dangerous. Why? Because, we spin a five foot pole with six inches of silk or a rifle made out of wood .If you don't toss your equipment right you can hurt yourself. For instance, your equipment can give you a concussion, break or sprain your fingers, and mess your forearm up. In other words, marching band is a