The Krannert Launching Business Leaders Initiative

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MGMT 301 Management Career Lectures The Krannert Launching Business Leaders Initiative has been developed after extensive study and feedback from various groups including students, alumni, and employers. Through the study, 12 competencies emerged as key areas where Krannert wishes to focus for the undergraduate program. While most (if not all) of these competencies have been important over time within the curriculum/extra-curriculum of Krannert, pulling these 12 competencies into this initiative provides a solid framework for targeted focus, discussion, development and evaluation. Parts One, Two and Three are due Friday, October 12th, at 12 noon. Part One Your Self-Evaluation of the 12 Competencies Instructions Read each competency and its definition. Then, check the box that indicates to what extent you agree that each competency is one that you possess. CompetencyDefinition5 Strongly Agree4 Agree3 Neither Agree nor Disagree2 Disagree1 Strongly DisagreeOral CommunicationUsing the English language, you express thoughts verbally in a clear, effective, and compelling manner, in both conversations and formal presentations. (We use English as the business language because your interaction here at Krannert within the curriculum, with teams, and with employers will be in English.)xWritten CommunicationYou express yourself in written English (e.g., memos, emails, course papers) clearly, succinctly, and effectively, with the use of proper grammar. (We use English as the business language because your interaction here at Krannert within the curriculum, with teams, and with employers will be in English.)xDrive for Results (Initiative)You take a proactive approach to identify and addresses what needs to be done. xPersonal ResponsibilityYou accept responsibility for your own actions, decisions, and deliverables you hold yourself accountable you follow through on promises you own your own education, development, and career planning.xProfessionalismYou conduct yourself in line with business-professional standards regarding dress, communication, and respectful and collegial engagement with others you effectively manage your reputation and brand.xDecision-Making and DecisivenessYou use sound judgment and analytic skills to make appropriate decisions you know when to move from analysis to action (to avoid analysis paralysis).xStrategic ThinkingYou look at an issue from multiple vantage points while maintaining focus on the big picture. xTrustworthiness and IntegrityYour actions are aligned with what you say and with agreed-upon ethical principles. You maintain confidentiality in dealing with sensitive information. xAdaptabilityYou readily adjust to changing situations and demands. xCultural IntelligenceYou demonstrate awareness of, and both respect and value, the cultures and beliefs of others.xTeam BuildingYou capitalize on individual talents to build purposeful cooperation and commitment in a team.xNetworking You appropriately initiate and effectively maintain relationships with peers, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate contacts.x Part Two Identifying your areas of strength and weaknesses Instructions Based on how you responded to the above self-evaluation, please answer the following questions with as much space as you need (using complete sentences and correct grammar) In what two competencies did you rate yourself highest (either in strongly agree or agree) They are Personal Responsibility and Professionalism. Why do you