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Vo1. 6, No. 3 Spring, 20 --
Reputation and Choice
Reputation is the image people have of your standards of product -- your ethical and moral principles. Most people think that a good reputation is needed for success in any job; and it is therefore one of the most important personal assets you can acquire in your life.
A bad reputation can result from one misdeed.
A good reputation is a valued asset that requires time, effort, and discipline to develop and protect. A bad reputation can be a long term liability established in a short time. It can be a result from just one misdeed and can be a burden to carry throughout life.
It is very important to realize, therefore, that you have an opportunity to develop and protect the reputation you want. You have many to make that will destroy or enchance the image you want to. The choices are hard, and honest, loyalty, and dedicate are most often involved.
Choices you make destroy or enchance your reputation.
Learning About People
Many aspects of a job present challenges to those who strive to do their best in all they do. One of most critical challenges all workers face is being able to relate to the many individuals with whom they work. It is common for workers to have daily dealings with bosses, peers, and subordinates. Also, workers will interact most telephone callers and visitors from outside and inside the company daily.
Relating well to others is a critical challenge.
While it is critical to