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Improving Your Paragraphs

To work on paragraphs using different examples, precise, exact and concise language and writing assignment into paragraphs. By using general examples to make the paragraph more effective. We have earlier participated on how to write effective paragraphs with different topic sentences. There are some examples explained on how to use examples for general statement. Coherence means arranging ideas in a logical way and with clear sentences. Every paragraph should have coherence and there are three basic ways of arranging ideas together out of which one is time order, space order, and order of importance. Thoroughly using specific, detailed and exact language is the right way to build the paragraph more effective. Lastly turn the assignment in to paragraph. There are lot of examples are explained on the above specified topics in this chapter.

Mae Carol Jemison is an American NASA astronaut. She became the first African -American woman to travel in space. The lady in the portrait shows to us about her color, dress, space equipments and so on. About to describe the portrait about her appearance in it, firstly she is dark in complexion and looks like mixed black and white. The NASA image of Mae Jemison has the background color is light blue from the top view at her head and rest of the background picture remains in black color. She is wearing an