Letter Grades Essay

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Letter grades have been a part of the education system for many years, but are they really the best way to evaluate students on how much they have learnt? Most people believe that it is because of the fact that it has been around for many years and has done fine all this time. Others argue that letter grades can actually make students want to learn less and not try as hard on tests. Letter grades have their pros and cons, but I think their are more positive things about letter grades than negative. Letter grades are an easy way to evaluate students on their education, help students see how they are doing so they can try to improve if needed, and they would be too hard to get rid of in all schools. Grades have been used by teachers and professors in schools and universities for a long time. Letters are a simple, easy way to evaluate students on their level of education and how much they are learning over the course. When students complete assignments, quizzes, or tests they are given a percentage on how well they have done. The percentages are put into a computer which determines their overall percent. The letter grade is determined off of this percentage that is given to the student for the course. People say that it would be easier just to give written evaluations at the end of the course because it would be a one time grade on how they have done. Written evaluations would cause the teachers to learn a whole new system in order to grade while they already know how to use the letter system. Letter grades show the student exactly how they are doing in the class and if they need to improve their learning abilities in order to do better. Grades tell students exactly how they are doing in the class that they are taking at any given time. If a student is doing bad and needs to improve their skills then they can study more on the subject that they are not doing so well in. Students are supposed to be evaluated on how well they learn and how well they know the subject instead of how well they can cram before tests to do good on them. This is good, but if a student is doing poor in a class and drastically needs to improve their performance then how would they know with a written evaluation at the end of the class? They wouldn't and they would have no choice to improve once they seen the evaluation because the course would already be over. With letter grades if a student does bad on a test then they know it right away and