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My names jeff I am a chef from new jersey and I plan on voting yes towards this document as long as some changes are made because the articles are not strong enough to support this country, we need to work towards the greater good.
The document seems like it will hold the test of time aslong as we make some changes to it. For starters I would prefer a list of my rights as a citizen. Ancestors came here for freedom and I want a list saying what freedoms they came for. Also, All men should be seen the same, no matter the color. Slavery will be ended, I have a dream telling me so. Why not get rid of it now.
The articles cant enforce laws, uprisings can start licety split economy collapsing
Work towards greater good by making a unified army, new laws can be passed but must go through others first that way power divided, states will come together as one, spend money that they can now make together, we should see each other as a country, states larger than just itself
The definition of reform is “make changes in something in order to improve it.”(wikepedia) Some people were unhappy with the way certain things were going and thought that America needed improvement in that area. The 19th century saw many reform movements, of all different kinds, linked together by women envolvement. The 1800’s were witness to community reform, reform of govt(school alcohol), and to the reformation of womens rights
In the antebelleum era, several new community were born. Brook Farm (founder: George Ripley), an agriculture-based commune that also ran schools, allowed women to work outside the house. the Shakers (founder: Mother Ann Lee) saw god as both genders Oneida Commune (founder: John Noyes), equal genders, complex marriage, and communal living. All of these gave women more rights than in the standard American community.
When women wanted to stay in the society they were in but make a difference they could not do it alone, they found that they could act together in their churches. Women were tired of their husband coming home drunk so they started the temperance crusades. These crusades tried to make alcohol, or at least hard liquor, illegal. The crusades lasted until the 18th ammendment of prohibition. Women also wanted an education, the one they were getting from their mom being homeschooled was fine if you needed to know how to bake bread. The women joined in the church and with the help of Horace Mann made it possible to go to a public school to learn to read and write.
It almost goes without saying that women were involved in the women’s rights movement. The face of this movement was Elizabeth cady Stanton. She was a key role in the set up in the Seneca falls convention 1848 where a declaration of sentiments, stating grievences and the agenda for the womens rights movement, was signed by multiple women and even some men.

Find out what the early political parties were and there views. The later political parties were the whigs(views), and jacksonian democrats(views)
Talk about new campaign trail, and why it happened
Y Jackson ran
Before the civil war not everyone in the north was for abolition and every one in the south against it. There were people with opposing views, and had these views for many different reasons. Some wanted freedom for blacks to have a better life themselves not for the blacks to have a better life. Others wanted to keep slavery just for the family tree. (I can not think of a thesis here)
The north also had opposing views on slavery. The north was free states and most wanted new states coming in to be free mainly in the west. The west was the white man’s 2nd chance for wealth and glory. If slaves came in and took work in the west, there went his chance. One main pro abolitionist was William Garrison, who stated that the