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Free will exist but it is limited. Compatibilist

Free will does exist and every choice that we have at our disposal is proof of that. I will never deny that, however, it has a limit. Ultimately our paths have been written. The lessons we are supposed to learn will happen regardless of the path we take. With that said free will allows us to choose in sense weather we want to learn the hard way or the easy. Weather that knowledge that will open our minds and allow us to set back is there of not it is that freewill exist. Typing this paper in a way is free will, choosing to get a good grade or not. Either way I’m going to learn/realize that doing my homework is beneficial to me and I should do it. Through out the humans entire being in the permit world we are tested, right from wrong, up from down. To be closer to the divine Truth, free will aids us in getting to with a more perfect picture. Thus why it is not in your power to kill, take another’s life, because you are not entitled to determine someone else’s fate. Thus why karma exists. Free will is a necessity to thriving not just surviving. It is one of the Truths to me because it is the only common element being affected when change occurs in any of the truths. (small truths) Now with that being said, free will does have a limit, as it is in place to assure the humans unique purpose is retch without affliction, by testing til the lesson is learned. As evident in women who stay in abusive relationships, they become