Free Will Research Paper

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Bibiana Reyes
April 7, 2013

Free Will

Free will is the choice between two things to do as well as having the right to react. Moral responsibilities may be considered when it comes to free will. No action is free if it must occur. If there is only one-way things are going to turn out than we have no choice. The number of options that you have when one is faced with a course of actions. Freedom is defined by having the chance of having multiple options. All events are responsible for the causation of its outcome.

In order for an action to be considered free will it is not determined because they are multiple possibilities. Determinism views that all events have a determinate cause meaning that one cause will produce one effect. Each event must have a cause if the theory determinism is accepted. Hard determinism is the view that no action is free. Soft determinism/compatible rejects freedom but still accept the concept of determinism. This theory suggests that free will and determinism is than compatible. In other words sometimes you have free will and other times you wont. Freedom is not defined as having multiple options instead it states that freedom is doing what you want determine the outcome you chose. The objection that certain philosophers have is the extrinsic view of free will. Freedom should be defined as having one option but at the same time having the opportunity to do what you want. Compatablism states that free will is not in our control and