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The slaughter of horses has been an issue for many years in the court systems. The law about horse slaughter has been brought up in the senate and congress many times but dies down before a vote can be reached. I believe the slaughter of horses in the United States and the transportation of horses out of the United States intended for slaughter should be illegal. Many say the horses that are not able to be used are the ones who are sent to slaughter. Also wild horses are the ones that are sent to slaughter because they are over populating and destroying farmers land. Horses are a symbol of grace, beauty, power, speed, honor, and a symbol of freedom. Horses have been a big part of history, from carrying us into battle to plowing our fields. Horses in a way helped us win our freedom. Should we kill an animal that has been on this land as long as we have and that has helped us in so many different ways? They may be destroying peoples land and becoming overpopulated but there are better ways to control that then killing them. The reason why I am so against horse slaughter is because I have a horse of my own that was going to be sent to slaughter. My horse, Jasper, is ex racehorse that now has a career as a show jumper. Jasper was a race horse for six years, and was very good at his job but the last two years of his career he did not do so well, that’s when he was retired and was going to be sent to slaughter. My trainer was the one who saved him; she goes to lots of auctions where lots of horses are sent to slaughter from the auctions. She heard of him from someone when she was about to leave that there was an ex race horse that was on a trailer that was being sent out of the country to be slaughter so she rescued him because of potential most thoroughbreds have in the jumping world. I am so glad she saved him because he is the best horse in the world. He follows me around and tries as hard as he can to do what I ask. What makes it even better is he loves his job! Most people do not know how inhumane horse slaughter is because they do not know how it done. When a horse is sent to slaughter they do not just simple euthanize a horse by a giving them a…