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Emma Spencer
Professor Bryan
Merchandise Presentation
Tuesday 3:00

Window Display

On October 1st, MotherVENUE will be the venue for a special promotion of an upcoming collaboration between an artist and a world known entrepreneur. Lano Brown started as a tattoo artist from Baltimore, MD, and now hand paints clothing, chairs, Louis Vuitton bags, and what ever else he tastefully pleases. He’s had a recognizable success on having his pieces on many faces in the music industry such as Chris Brown, Fabulous, and Teyana Taylor. Pharrell Williams, a world known entrepreneur, has been a leader in several industries including fashion, music, producing, and being an inspiring motivator who creative people want to be around. For the promotional strategy, MotherVENUE will debut their collaboration line. This event will bring in many fans as well as curious stylists who are interested in the new talent taking over the West Coast, Lano. Also, this event is going to stir up lots of recognition. MotherVENUE will be known as a hip retailer among its shoppers. Seeing as though Pharrell has many books related to him sold in this store, the customer should already be aware of who he is. On October 1st when the event is held, the shirts in the line will be presented on art easels portraying a Picasso worth to the merchandise. In other words, this line is not just any manufactured apparel, but something that was made with detail, time, and vision. While shirts that are already made will sit out, Lano will also be painting during the event on some of Pharrell’s shirts that can also be sold during the occasion. Music, networking, and fashion will take the night as friends and customers come and go. MotherVENUE’s online site will be a direct advertisement. Direct emails will also be sent to our customers as well as showrooms that fill the store with the other high-end designers.…