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English, March 24th 2015 Sierra Carter

Free right
The lessons we learn affect our future
Creative writing form

The mess up
By Sierra Carter

My Parents always have said “Don’t mess up Chris the last thing you want is to mess up and be judged for
that mistake, it will change you for the worst and thats the last thing you want in this life my daughter.” I tell
myself everyday “Don’t mess up Chris you don’t want to disappoint mother.” But in reality people mess up
its human nature, my whole life I have been too afraid to live like a human. I have been more like a mouse
to afraid to go out into the sun, too afraid to face the shadows of the night, and too afraid to face my own
demons inside. A princess locked away in a tower guarded by a dragon that was created by my own
emotions, that is who and what I am and I can’t say that I am ashamed of it.

On my 16th birthday I did somthing and I know that the dragon would not agree with it I left home on my
birthday to go hang out with some friends, but what happened that night would change my life forever. In a
car with my friends we are having a good time listening to music so loud that it might make my ears bleed.
We were at a party earlier and my mother is coming home soon, I needed to be home before she arrived at
the house. We speed down the empty highway feeling as free as ever, but I didn’t realize that the driver
was drinking at the party and was not fully sober yet, the wheel cranks to the side froshusly I hit my head
against my friends head and we crash into a lamp post. My head righting, i'm feeling dizzy I manage to get
out of the car I fell to my knees knowing that my dear friends are all dead, I started to cry screaming into the
sky, “I should've listened mom Now all of my friends are dead!” tears start to scream like a garden hose
partly on I seam again “Im sorry mom, im sorry dad, im sorry my friends, and im sorry my dragon”.

That was 5 years ago I am still…