Freedom: Dubliners James Joyce Essay

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Mohammad Talafha Talafha 1
Professor Bridget Roche
English 102
1 October 2012
In Dubliners James Joyce shows the theme of escape which the characters in the stories seek escaping refuge from their lives,. Joyce uses many symbols in the story for example he uses the sea as symbol of freedom and another world. He uses the Dublin as a symbol of sadness. The characters in Dubliners seek freedom by trying to escape form the sadness of their lives but they cannot, just like Joyce characters, the Arabic people are seeking freedom. Arabic spring which took place in 2011 saw the many protest of Egyptian, Libyan, Tunisian, and many other. We need to try changing our live without escaping from our responsibility. Nearly all characters in Dubliners by James Joyce bear the longing desire to escape. This desire comes from not only the monotony of everyday routine, but also the need to do something great. They wish to leave there desolate environment and start something new. However, there is always something that holds them back. For example, Farrington flees his dull and repetitive job to have a drink at the pub, only to find more of the same there. Little Chandler wishes to be like Gallaher and pursue his interests in other nations, but he’s too afraid to change his life. All the same, Mr. Doran does not want to marry Polly in “A Boarding House” but he has no choice. Joyce describes the paralysis of Dublin at the time through each character’s inability to change. In Counterparts, Farrington sees everything as a barrier to his comfort. Rather than view the outcomes of a situation, he pursues what will