Freedom: President of the United States and Universal Background Checks Essay

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Marcus Van Stone
English 10 H, Period 3
Ms. Moss
November 12, 2013 Americans today enjoy the luxury of freedom. The constitution and mainly the first ten amendments, The Bill of Rights, protect their freedom. Most other countries do not give their citizens the freedom in which America was based on. Many citizens of the U.S. are started to believe that this country is on a decline, rather than an incline. One common argument that is circling through state by state in many debates is Amendment number 2, the right to bear arms. Many Americans believe that if the gun was sold to them in any means they should have the right to own them. On the contrary many Americans also believe that guns are not a necessity and should not be owned. “Senator Paul has come out in full support of the Second Amendment and threatened to filibuster the gun legislation.” The political debates that have broken out from this is extraordinarily complex. The debate stretches from the governors to the president. President Barack Obama urges for congress to pass his common sense gun control legislation. “Obama called for a three-pronged solution: universal background checks, tougher penalties for gun trafficking, and a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” President Obama makes the argument that there should be guns, but in order to own a gun, there must be a background check first, it cannot be an assault weapon, and the magazines must be ten rounds or less. This law and amendment is a plausible to be passed. One main flaw of Obama’s law is the cracking down on penalties for gun trafficking. If the man is willing to buy the gun from the black market, why would he care if the law does not allow him to? ““The Second Amendment is not clearly written,” said Chad Westerland.” The second Amendment states that the people have the right to bear arms. Chad Westerland, a professor that has studied the constitution for a mere twenty years, states that the second amendment does