Essay on Freedom: Rage against the Machine and Floppy Disk Inka

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The song “Freedom by Rage against the machine” is famed mostly by their dedicated fans, and people who truly understand the meaning. Besides the tremendous instrumentals created by Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, and Tim Commerford, the lyrics presented by Zach De La Rocha have power to influence even the close minded. On top of that the thoughts it left in the mind of this generation, have potential to change us for good, if a dedicated one decides to expand an idea, most of us are blind to. I’m talking about the idea, carefully planted in our head, to believe war achieves freedom, or that we have freedom at all.. From the dawn of civilization, war has accompanied the expansion of humanity. Not one war has achieved that dream, without stealing it from somebody else. And I believe that’s part of what the band is trying to tell us with the mind striking lyrics of the song. I’m not saying they have figured it all out, and know exactly what’s going on behind the curtains the government has set all around themselves, but their side sounds a lot more believable than the propaganda presented to us. The song starts off with an interesting instrumental, and Zach throwing few motivational grunts, which serve its purpose well. The first verse

Bring it on, bring it on now
Solo, I'm a soloist on a solo list
All live, never on a floppy disk
Inka, inka, bottle of ink
Paintings of rebellion
Drawn up by the thoughts I think
Come on, oh
You see a set up like a deck of cards
They're sending us to early graves for all the diamonds
They use a pair of clubs to beat the spades