Freedom Ride's Impact On Aboriginal Australians

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The freedom ride had a huge impact on the lives of Aboriginal Australians. The Ride helped the Aboriginal community to be recognised as Australian citizens and give them the same rights that white people had. In this essay it will be explained: How the Aborigines were treated before the Freedom Ride, The Motives of the freedom ride, the short term effects and the Long Term effects of the Freedom Ride.
Before the Freedom ride Aboriginals were often forgotten about and were misconceived by white Australians. The Aborigines really had no interaction with local Australians This is indicated from a film in 1965 interviewing white people, One lady saying ‘ I don’t know any of them but I’d imagine them being quite friendly and nice’. (Blood Brothers – Freedom Ride, 1965) Another saying that ‘I’ve been told they speak pigeon English, I’ve never spoken to one’. (Blood Brothers – Freedom Ride, 1965) It is apparent that the average white Australian is un-educated about the Aborigines and that many have never spoken to one of them.
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The discrimination that was directed at the Aborigines was put into full focus of the people, this enabled people to actually think of what they’re saying instead of being prejudiced towards them. The Freedom ride were considered the group greatly improved Aboriginal life as they put public pressure on the government. This led to the 1967 referendum of where 90.77% of Australians voted yes. This allowed the Aboriginals same rights as white Australians, after this referendum they were allowed to take part in the census, be recognised as an Australian citizen, given welfare and have greater access to the legal and justice system. This also broke down the social barriers between Aboriginal Australians and white Australians, by giving the Aboriginals confidence that White Australians actually do care for them. (Freedom Ride Accomplishments ,