Freedom Writers Essay

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November 17, 2013
To be the Same or to be Different. In the movie ‘Freedom Writers’ Mrs. G was one of the best teachers that Woodrow Wilson Classical High School could have had. Mrs. G was a positive influence on her class and many others in her life. Mrs. G did so many things well. I don’t think those kids would have changed anything from that year or years that they were with her. Mrs. G was a very positive influence and I would have loved to have a teacher similar to her in my life. Actually, one teacher I had was very close to these aspects. I would have loved to have known Mrs. G. I also would have enjoyed having her as a teacher. I feel as if she could have taught me a lot. Although she was an excellent teacher, I myself had some pretty excellent teachers myself. One in particular teacher who stands out the most is Mrs. Egan. She was such an upbeat teacher. She was a teacher I could go to and talk to her about anything and never feel judged. Still to this day I could talk to her about anything or just vent if I needed too. If I was struggling in her class I could ask her for help and she would do anything to make sure I understood the topic. She tried her best at everything she never gave up. Mrs. Egan tried to make sure her lessons were filled with a lot of knowledge and important information that we needed to know. She never gave us unnecessary information to learn. Another she did always make sure we understood the topic or the information she was providing us. Mrs. Egan was a type of teacher that if you needed to be put in your place she would do that. Just like Mrs. G, Mrs. Egan shared many of the same qualities. Mrs. G had a lot of aspects that were great. She did so many things well. To point out a couple Mrs. G did excellent job of connecting with her students. She tried her best to connect personal with them. Also Mrs. G tried to understand what they were going through. She did not try to know exactly what they were dealing with, but she did her best to try. I believe that if I a teacher at least tried that is all that matters. It shows that they are willing to try and learn about their students. Another thing Mrs. G was very good at was her way she approached her teaching. Her method of teaching was very unique because she tried to make it not boring; she did her best to make it fun and entertaining as possible. Even though it was still enjoyable she was able to get through to them and teach them the knowledge they would need to know. I believe that Mrs. G