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Freedom Writers The movie I watched, titled the Freedom Writers was based on a true study of a teacher by the name of Erin Gruewell trying to make a difference in the lives of her troubled group of students. The Woodrow Wilson High School is located in a really bad area of Long Beach, California. Which has a voluntary integration program which brings Black, Latino, Asian, and White students together. This causes so much tension and violence in the school. This is Ms. Gruewell’s first year and she gets put in a diverse classroom with many troubled students who seem to not want to do any work.
At first it is tough for her to get them to learn and want to even attempt to do anything. But she does not give up, she eventually breaks through to them. She has the students keep daily journals and she even buys them their books since the school would not provide them new ones. The class itself gets to go on trips and meet people of the holocaust. All the other teachers in the school actually look down on her for putting so much effort into these kids, because sadly none of them ever do, even her husband leaves her for putting so much time in with them. Ms. Gruewell sticks with them throughout all their four years and helps them grow as learners, all graduate and many further their education after high school, which normally many from that school do not even finish or graduate high school.
This movie was very inspirational. She could have easily left them, gave up and not teach