Free Internet For The World

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Simón Tang
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Free internet for the world

Sometimes everyone is not really everyone, like when people say ‘’everyone is on the internet’’, because the truth is that for each person that can get online there are 2 that cannot and when you look closer that everyone seems less like everyone. In some places is one in a thousand in others is one in ten thousand and in some places no one is online at all. But what if there is a way to light up the entire globe and finally make all the worlds information available to all the worlds people?. Even today one of three kids cannot get to a secondary school; instead everyone could have secondary school come to them. In places where there are not enough doctors everyone could be helped by doctors in other places, farmers everywhere could start using better weather data so everyone could enjoy a bigger harvest and because small business that are on the internet grows twice as fast every one could create new opportunity for everyone. Internet should be free for EVERYONE in the world.

By having free internet for the whole world we can create more possibilities in all the aspects of life but only the most important ones will be reviewed in this essay. First of all job opportunities being offered and created, finding a person fitting for a specific job or finding a job fitting for you just by looking at a screen and making some clicks. You can even have an interview online if you live in one city and the job is offered in another. Next is education. Talking about education in this era is talking about internet, you use it for researching, you use it to send an essay to your teacher, teachers send homework through it or you can have feedback from them. You can also learn a new language through the internet with a tutor online teaching using a web camera and microphone. A lot of universities offer an internet program which is a way to study without leaving home for all the people who cannot leave home or does not have a university is their home towns.
There is a list of companies and independents persons and institutions that are taking initiatives to give the world free internet and we are going to talk about 2 that are believed to be the more important in this area. First we got Kosta Grammatis, CEO and founder of, he sees having an Internet connection as a basic human right. Grammatis is raising $150,000 to create a business plan for buying a communications satellite and getting it to a new orbital slot to provide free Internet service to developing countries. He has his eyes set on the TerreStar-1 satellite: a spacecraft that launched in 2009 and is owned by a company that went bankrupt. And next we have Google that is not falling behind on this subject and is working on the ‘’loon project’’ which, to make it simple, is getting globes up in the air