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Free-Form Lenses

Eyes on Chagrin is proud to offer digitally customized lenses. These lenses provide wearers with a more accurate prescription, sharper vision, a wider field of view with less peripheral blur, and a finished product that is completely customized for the customer.

These lenses are often called high-definition lenses. The reasons are simple. Think about the first time you saw a high-definition television. The colors seemed brighter, contrast became more clearer, and you saw everything how it was supposed to look. Customized lenses are like having HD for your eyes.

Custom lenses are made using free-form technology. This is a completely different process when compared to traditional progressives. Free-form technology uses the most sophisticated, state-of the-art equipment which is computer aided to offer only the highest level of precision.

Traditional Progressives

Prescriptions are expressed in units called “diopters”, which is the amount of correction you need for the clearest vision. Diopters are written to the nearest quarter (for example, your prescription might read -4.00, +2.25, -1.50, etc.). Traditional progressives are accurate up to one-eighth a diopter (0.125 D), leaving a slight amount of room for error.
The progressive design is also “fixed”. This means that the progressive you choose already has the design in it and is just waiting for the prescription to be ground into the back of the lens. The problem with this is that the frame chosen cannot really be taken into account.
Traditional progressives also tend to have a “sweet spot”. This is the spot where the you get the clearest vision. Most wearers have experienced this, especially when reading. What will happen is you tend to slightly lift your head when trying to reading, resulting in an unnatural posture.
Peripheral blur and a “swim effect” is another