Essay on Freely Imprisoned

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English 1010
8 October 2013
The Freely Imprisoned Growing up as a child I thought that i was one of the most blessed and luckiest kids in the world. Not because i grew up in an extravegant home, or everyday i felt like lived as if i was in a movie, because none of that applys to my life. I felt as if i was lucky to be born in such an awesome place, The United States Of America. "The Home Of The Free and The Brave". As i Grew throughout the years i feel more and more in love with a country which was the worlds mightiest power, however i also learned that the home of the free was not so free after all. While in school as a young man i recall sitting in history class as we went over the the vietnam war. As i sat in that seat and read on and on about the men that was drafted to serve honorably for thier country, i thought about how proud they must have been to be choosen not only to fight for us, but to also represent a country for something much more than themselves. As i continued to learn about the vietnam draft i realized that american men dreaded being drafted. Healthy american men and women fled the country to avoid the draft, while others protested and rioted. Some of these men and women were caught and forced into confinment amongst other punishments. I thought to myself how cowardly of these men and women, how dare they not be grateful? This country is the home of the free! Everyone loves America! This is what the yong nieve me saw. As time passed my preception of life and different views grew larger. I look back and my question now could possibly be how many of the men and women felt back then. How free are we if we are forced to fight a war that we do not believe in? I believe true freedom is the ability to live life according to ones beliefs and pleasures. Is this not what the entire American way of life was built on? I believe we have gotten so far away from the the only reason why there ever was an america. The founding fathers came to this land to get away from oppression, being told how to live their lives, what they can and can not do, even what to believe in and what not to. Now we live our lifes as the freely imprisoned people living comfortable while being oppressed not by one or two big laws, but multiple little laws set by those that are appointed by a majority of society, which is justified in competetion called an election. Today i would not be able to injest certain plants without popping hot on a drug test and getting fired from my job, or gianing a criminal record. Is the inability to ingest whatever i decide really not my freedom. I think that we have grew accustom to the laws