Fremont High School Summary

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Jonathan Kozol, an award-winning writer, reports the ongoing battle students face at Fremont High School. Kozol made it his mission to learn more about what really goes on in this school, really understand the struggles everyone has had the misfortune of experiencing.
Los Angeles, California; home to the students and faculty of Fremont High are in a tough predicament. Kozol explored the fundamentals of how the school functions and found that some classes were found in portables or in converted shop rooms, which were described as “windowless and nasty” (716). Nevertheless, a few of these classrooms “do not have air-conditioning” and the students “become red-faced and unable to concentrate” during “the extreme heat of summer” says Kozol (719).
Jonathan also found that in a big school like this, “ it's physically impossible to feed 3,300 kids at once” as observed by a teacher. Lunch is only 30 minutes and for some, it takes 15 minutes to walk from their class to the cafeteria and on top of
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Though, this not the only problem regarding the bathroom. Kozol interviews a girl named Mireya, she explains “You’re not allowed to use the bathroom during lunch, which is a 30-minute period. The only time that you’re allowed to use it is between classes.” Since Fremont is a huge school, “it has long corridors. If you have one class at one end of the building and your next class happens to be way down at the other end, you don't have time to use the bathroom and still get to class before it starts.” She states (719). “Students are not animals, but even animals need to relieve themselves sometimes,” said a boy named Edward