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In France, they have a test which called baccalauréat. The baccalaureate qualification is a national examination to get university admission which students take at the end of the lycée (high school). Students can enter all universities as a general rule in France by acquiring the baccalaureate. The university where they can enter is decided based on the capacity of the university, test results, or a place of residence of the baccalaureate. This is a good system.

In United States, students need at least $ 140,000 tuition to graduate university. American students must take ACT or SAT to go to the college and they need good score on it. However, in France, they have a system in which those who pass are admitted to a tuition-free state university. This allows two thirds of the students to attend university for free.

In America graduation from university does not guarantee a good job. In addition, people must study to take a test depending on a company in spite of having graduated from a university. However, in France people can have a good occupation if they get a good score at bac and then graduate university.

By taking and studying for bac, the academic level of the country goes up because people want to pass the bac. Bac includes a wide range of subjects. Students have to study most of subjects such as languages, history, mathematics, chemistry, physics, art, and philosophy. On the other hand, ACT and SAT only includes writing, reading, and math section.