The French And Indian War

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Justin Balbuena
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October 24, 2014
The French and Indian war
The French and Indian war had many effects on the American colonies. Throughout the 18th century American colonies saw salutary neglect. Relations between colonies and Britain were fair and none had problems with one another. That however was altered due to the effects of the war. The French and Indian war altered the relations and tension arose, however it was the economic status of Britain that was in debt after the war and a need to impose taxes on the colonies and this angered colonist but they could not do anything. The French and Indian war also called The Seven Years war in Britain, was for control of land. Both sides the British and French sought to control the western lands. Britain eventually won and both came to a peace treaty (treaty of Paris). However this left Britain in debt and began to tax the colonies. What stirred most conflict was the stamp act that angered colonist. They tried to get it repealed according to (Doc G) “tho we propose doing our endeavor to get it repeal’d” (…). Also colonist took action as to advertising the stamp act in a negative way. For example in The Pennsylvania Journal And Weekly Advertiser (Doc H) “The Times are Dreadful Doleful Dismal Dolorous and DOLLAR-LESS”.
After the French and Indian war, the colonies changed. The English took up and dominated most of the new world as seen in (Doc A). The proclamation of 1763 prohibited colonials to settle west of the Appalachians as a way to end disputes with the natives. Such as Pontiac’s rebellion (Doc B) “…They have no right to settle”. Natives were