Salutary Neglect In The 1700s

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For many years during the 1600s and part of the 1700s, the British followed a policy of Salutary neglect with its American colonies. In order to still have some type of control over the colonies, the British attempted to put in place a set of Navigational laws that would regulate trade and prevent smuggling. Although those laws weren't a success, the colonies still had a positive attitude toward their mother country which didn't place many restrictions in the way they went about things. However ,the French and Indian drastically altered this relationship in political, economic, and ideological ways when the British decided that the debt they were in should be paid off by the colonists through increased taxes, and after a series of laws and rebellions proceeding the war such as Pontiac's Rebellion and the Stamp Act, the British saw a need for reorganization.

-The economic aftermath of the war brought increased tensions between Britain and the colonies when the British were overburdened by a large debt following the war. It was seen that the quickest way to start gaining profit was to begin taxing the colonies. This however didn't gain as much profit as expected due to smuggling, fraud, and connivance(Doc F). When it was seen that more extreme measures needed to be taken, the Stamp Act of 1765 was put into place(Doc G). This Act required that all printed materials including court documents, land titles, and even playing cards be stamped and taxed. This was the first direct taxed enforced by the British. In