French and Indian War Essay

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Final Essay The French and Indian War was by far the most influential event on the American Revolution. The French and Indian War affected many aspects of colonial life, such as the effects on the American military, and the relationship between the colonies and the British. The successes against the French and Indians gave a great boost of confidence to the American military. It also caused an increase in resentment of the British redcoats. When the war ended, and British troops were left behind in the colonies, many of the British officers were despised by the colonists. It made them feel as if England no longer trusted the colonies, which sparked many of the early conflicts between colonists and Britain's army. The famous generals of the American Revolution, most notably George Washington, also gained invaluable experience during their time serving in the French and Indian War. Even though he failed miserably, like most newcomers, it was the hardships he went through during the French and Indian Wars that helped shape him into the legendary general of the American Revolution. At the end of the long Seven Years War, the British were in a massive amount of debt, and with the ungrateful attitude that Britain perceived from the colonies, in their slow providing of support for the war, Britain believed the colonists were obligated to pay for the debt accrued in defending the colonies. As a result the British heavily taxed the colonists by passing laws, such as the Stamp