Essay on French And Indian War

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Savannah Krippendorf
US History II
Test 1
French and Indian War The French and Indian War was a power struggle between English and French settlers in America. Their main dispute was over who had control of the land. And of course in the 1750s this was a huge issue. The English settlers and the French settlers believed they owned the rights’ to the Ohio River Valley area.
George Washington led a troop of English forces on a March to Fort Duquesne in order to force the French out of the area. While passing through modern-day Uniontown, Pennsylvania Washington spotted a French scouting party. He and his men massacred the party in The Battle of Jumonville Glen. They soon took camp in a large clearing and constructed Fort Necessity and waited for the French to retaliate. Which they did in kind. The French sent 600 soldiers to force Washington out of his fort, thus beginning the French and Indian War.
France was successfully banished from the New World after the British victory in war. France lost all of their land, except for a few small islands off the coast of Canada and in the Caribbean. They also made Great Britain the supreme military power in Southern Asia, after agreeing to give up all power in India. England issued the Proclamation of 1763 in an attempt to appease Indians who had developed positive relations with France, thus restricting settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains. Westward-bound settlers, however, ignored the proclamation and moved into Indian