French and Indian War and Colonel Edmund Munro Essay

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The Last of the Mohicans Review “The Last of the Mohicans” describes the tale of white man named Nathaniel Hawkeye who is adopted by a Mohican elder named Chingachgook. His father and brother Uncas all spring into action shortly in the film after seeing Corca and Alice( daughters to a Colonel Edmund Munro) being ambushed by Hurons which were led by a perfidious backstabber who was supposed to be there guide, Magua. They fight off the Hurons and stop Magua from killing one of the daughters. When arriving at the fort Munro realizes they were deceived by Magua. Munro then breaks his promise of letting the men go and protect their colonies when news is spread of danger. Hawkeye is caught trying to help one of the men escape and is arrested and is sentenced to be hanged even after Corca’s lovestruck plea. The French commander, General Montcalm offers Munro generous surrender terms: the men and their families are offered safe passage to Albany on condition they no longer fight in the war, Munro reluctantly accepts after realizes it would have been defeat. That night, Magua tells Montcalm about how he was enslaved and his children were killed at the hands of Munro’s forces and wants revenge. Later, Munro’s forces are ambushed, also leading to Magua cutting out Munro’s heart and vowing to kill his daughters for vengeance. The daughters are later captured and throughout compromise Corca is set free and Alice is order to marry Magua. Deadset on reprisal Hawkeye along with his brother and father try to regain Alice. Uncas kills several of Magua’s men but when faced with Magua himself he is killed. Soon later Alice jumps off a cliff in order to escape the possible dreaded years to come with Magua. Hawkeye and his father kill most of Magua’s men and leads to a one-on-one battle between Chingachgook and Magua which serves as retribution, for at the time, the last of the Mohicans. Their were many aspects of the French-Indian War that never surfaced my mind as possibilities. Like for instance some Native Americans actually being allies to the English colonist and joining them in battle even. I always believed that during this time period all Native Americans who weren’t neutral during this time were on the