French Cheauux/Churches Project

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French Châteaux / Churches Project

Language: Français / Anglais

We are taking a train ride into the Loire Valley where many French châteaux are found. Select a château or church of your choice. Research as much as you are able to of your château or church, then write the following information about it. Present it in a portfolio PowerPoint or a video, or one of the following below.

Select one of the following and include it with your portfolio

1. make a travel poster advertising accommodations at the castle or church mentioning the cost in euros, the location and the characteristics, architecture, famous residents, etc.

2. Interview a famous personality of the château or church about his/her experience, the architecture, the date of construction, the bathrooms and the comparative size.

3. Make a model of the château or church using paper maché, LEGOs or other.

4. You are a famous person who has just stayed at the chateau on the grand opening. Tell what year it is, what the castle/church was like, what activities you did for entertainment, and who else was there for the grand opening.

5. You are a TV reporter covering the grand opening of the château/church. Make a story board for the report with each scene on a piece of paper. Describe the architecture, accommodations, food, guest, entertainment and include the date. Make a video to show in class.

Include the following information:

picture of the château or church name of château or church location of the château or church in France nearest city of importance when was the château or church built what French personality was associated with this château or church style of architecture used in building of the château or church historical events at this château or church who was the French king during the time the château or church was built
Remember to make your presentation as attractive as possible. Your grade depends on it.

Time line:

Computer lab: February 3rd, 2014 –