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Response to “the Gospel, Liberal Arts, and Global Engagement” In “the Gospel, Liberal Arts, and Global Engagement,” Tamara Townsend writes that learning a different language is essential to a liberal arts education. However, she claims that many students don’t see the true value of learning another language. Language professors and textbooks flaunt the selfish benefits of being bilingual: so that you can be more marketable, appreciate other cultures, and get a better job. These motivations, however, do not prove sufficient because they are derived from the pursuit of profit and pleasure. Townsend argues that languages should be learned because people matter—by being immersed in language, the student could build bridges between people and ultimately have an eternal impact. Additionally, language learning puts the student in a position of humility in recognizing that he or she does not already have all of the answers. Jesus exemplified humility of service by being obedient to the Father unto death. Townsend argues that since we as Christians desire to emulate Christ, we should also seek to serve others, especially those from cultures different from ours. After reading the text, I was personally touched by Townsend’s perspective on learning languages and Scripture’s backing of her claims. So often, I think of my competency in Spanish and French through a societal lens of self-gain. This outlook challenged me to think of languages as a means to be engaged in the lives of