Essay on French: French Language and —quel Âge As-tu

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Quel âge as-tu?

ᮣ How to find out how old a friend is:
Quel âge as-tu?
J’ai … ans.

How old are you?
I’m … (years old).

—Quel âge as-tu?
—J’ai quinze ans.

ᮣ How to ask about how old others are:
—Quel âge a ton père?
—Il a quarante-deux ans.
—Quel âge a ta mère?
—Elle a trente-neuf ans.

J’ai quinze ans.

How old is your father?
He is 42 (years old).
How old is your mother?
She is 39 (years old).

➔ Although years old may be left out in English, the word ans must be used in French when talking about someone’s age.
Il a vingt ans.
He’s twenty. (He’s twenty years old.)

Quel âge as-tu?


PARLER Ask your classmates how old they are.
ᮣ —Quel âge as-tu?



PARLER Find out the ages of your classmates’ friends and relatives. If they are not sure, they can guess or invent an answer.
ᮣ la copine —Quel âge a ta copine?

—J’ai (treize) ans.

—Ma copine a (treize) ans.

Joyeux anniversaire!


1. le père
2. la mère
3. l’oncle

4. la tante
5. le cousin
6. la cousine

7. le grand-père
8. la grand-mère

(Happy birthday!)

PARLER Ask your classmates how old the following people are.
ᮣ —Quel âge a Stéphanie?


2. Mademoiselle

/~/ ɔ oncle

Les voyelles nasales ɑ ɔ
/~/ et /~/

—Elle a quatorze ans.

1. Éric

/~/ ɑ tante


3. Monsieur

The letters “an” and “en” usually represent the nasal vowel /~ Be sure ɑ/. not to…