French: High School and Pocock Catholic Secondary Essay

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Throughout my four years of high school here at Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School, I have had many experiences but have also encountered tough obstacles as well. Whether it was academically or socially, spending my four years here had shaped and mended me into the person who I am today. I have learned to coop with the differences and endeavours that had landed in front of me, and continued to pursue my dreams of going to university and having a successful future.

At the beginning of grade nine, coming to this high school was a whole different experience for me that others may not have gone through. While others came from Catholic Elementary schools, I came from Tomken Road Middle School which happens to be a public school. I came from a whole different environment because I am not Catholic or Christian. I did not pray in the morning, have religion classes, or religious assemblies. Because of this difference, I could not help but feel isolated and very confused. Instead of being stuck in this funk of isolation and confusion, I had chosen to think positively and think of this as a new opportunity to learn about another religion. My overall average was great and ironically, religion class was the class that I have extremely excelled in. In addition to excelling academically, I have also participated in several extra-curricular activities. In the arts, I took part in the Drama Club where the performances were taken place during and after school. In the athletics, I had the privilege to represent Pocock’s basketball team. After my grade nine year, I feel like I truly found my niche here at Pocock.

In grade ten, I had found a group of friends that I felt comfortable with. I continued to be on the Pocock basketball team and the drama club. In addition to these extra-curricular activities, dance became the third. I went from feeling isolated to being extremely involved with the school and I could honestly say, that was one of the best feelings in my life. I was so involved with extra-curricular activities and my friends that I was oblivious to the fact that my academics started to deflate. Thankfully, I realized what my true priority was and prepared myself to go on the path to success rather than the path of suffering and failures.

Coming into grade eleven with the right mindset really gave me the kick start. Being on the right path really lead and encouraged me to focus on my studies a lot more. I excelled academically