French & Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War started in 1754 and ended in 1763.It all, it lasted nine years, with such years and so much damage that had taken place, including violent deaths, there were also other effects that had taken immediate effect after the war had diminished in 1763. The Treaty of Paris had been passed, there had been friction left behind from the King and the colonist, colonist were eager to expand westward and the Pontiac War all would take effect in their near future. In 1763 when the war had finished, the kingdoms of Britain, France, and Spain had made an agreement to settle the dispute of land they the treaty would soon be known as the Treaty of Paris (1763). It announced that the French would lose control over North America, Britain took most parts of Canada and left the French with the rest, and Spain took the Louisiana territory. As for the Native Americans, they were told that they would be able to keep their lands and that it wouldn’t be taken away. Later they soon found out that they would be put on little reservations to keep the safe. They would be able to live their way of life and would in a way have their own laws. As King George had promised, he told his colonist that they were unable to live west of the Appalachian Mountains, as it was claimed as native land. The entire population of colonist who had lived past the mountains were supposed to move east. A lot of the families didn’t agree with what the king had said. They thought that they had the right to travel where they wanted to and settle wherever they wanted too. Which wasn’t fair, but it wasn’t like the king could come to America and tell them himself. So, in turn, he had soldiers try and get the people to leave, they continued to object. The people of the west had wanted to proclaim independence from King George even before Thomas Jefferson had written the Declaration of Independence. As the people continued to refuse to resettle, more and more people in Eastern America started hearing about how they were expanding further out. With those people, the others started to imagine the lives they could have out there and were ready to go westbound. It started to upset the Indians as they were being pushed and shoved into smaller and smaller areas with the huge populations that they had.